BekArch is an architectural studio founded by Jan Bek in early 2019, building upon his prior professional experience. Our studio is composed of a dynamic and forward-thinking team of passionate architects who embrace challenges and, most importantly, who love what they do. Meet our dedicated team members: Jan, along with his wife Kateřina and architects Linda, Štěpán, Anet, Martin, Gabika a Štěpán Jr.

What distinguishes us is the comprehensive range of services we offer, spanning from exterior architecture to interior design, all executed with the support of our trusted subcontractors. We would be most delighted to assist you in designing your property from the outside and then from the inside as well ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive result.

Despite our relatively short time in the industry, we have already made significant strides, establishing a strong presence and connection with the public. Notable achievements include securing third place in the Reconstruction of the Year competition and being featured in numerous publications showcasing our work.

Our team

Ing. arch. Jan Bek - architect


+420 603 332 182

Mgr. Kateřina Bek - project manager


+420 773 574 102

Ing. arch. Linda Kozlová - architect


+420 603 578 798

Ing. arch. Štěpán Svejkovský - architect


+420 777 883 311

MgA. Aneta Krupková - architect


+420 776 629 770

Bc. Martin Kříž - junior architect


+420 739 146 286

Bc. Gabriela Piláriková - junior architect


+421 914 195 440

Bc. Štěpán Schich - junior architect


+420 737 717 151

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