phase: study year: 2020 photo/visual: BekArch s.r.o

Situated on a sunlit slope in a mountain village near Mount Klínovec, this project consists of two interconnected family houses nestled into the terrain, forming a cohesive unit. The design harmoniously integrates with the surrounding buildings and traditional mountain architecture, aiming to maximize views of both Fichtel Mountain and Mount Klínovec.

Each house comprises three residential units, each featuring three rooms with a kitchenette. The underground floor accommodates parking, storage, and technical rooms, with one apartment situated on each floor. Additionally, each apartment boasts its own terrace, offering panoramic views of the mountains.

The building’s materials are carefully selected to complement the neighbouring structures. The facade combines two primary natural elements – wood and stone – in the form of facade tiles and gabion baskets on the underground floor. These materials are accentuated by dark grey sheet metal roofing. Dark grey is also used for window and door panels.

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