phase: study year: 2023 photo/visual: BekArch s.r.o

Reconstruction and structural modifications of the PVT building, located at the corner of T.G. Masaryka and Varšavská streets in the wider center of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). It is a four-storey building, with an active ground floor and a roof extension. The primary objective of this study is to revitalize the building’s exterior while respecting its historical significance and harmonizing with the surrounding architecture. Functioning primarily as an office building with a commercial ground floor, the corner of the structure boasts a restored semi-circular entry pavilion. This pavilion features a covered entrance to the 1st underground floor and balconies on the 1st and 2nd floors. The restoration of the pavilion pays homage to the historic significance and function of the building within its location. The proposed reconstruction project aims to revitalize the building’s exterior by removing recent insensitive interventions and enhancing its historical character. This includes a meticulous transformation that respects the architectural heritage of the structure and aligns more closely with the surrounding buildings and the unique architectural style of Karlovy Vary. Drawing inspiration from the existing condition, the design includes the removal of the steel structure on the corner facade, elimination of the roof extension, and clearing the ground floor of unsightly cladding. The new design embraces the historic essence of the house. Following consultation with the National Heritage Institute, significant attention has been directed towards the 1951 condition of the building. However, the design goes even further by closely examining the existing architecture of Karlovy Vary and striving to harmonize with the surrounding historical buildings. The design carefully restores and incorporates characteristic elements of Carlsbad buildings, including the horizontal segmentation of the ground floor, wooden mullioned windows, narrow high dormers, and a gabled roof featuring typical Carlsbad roofing materials.

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