phase: study year: 2021 photo/visual: BekArch s.r.o

Design of a multifunctional house in the village of Jirny. The plot is located in the very centre of the municipality, with a bus stop, park, and community centre in the vicinity. Currently, there is a single-storey building on the plot, serving as a shop and library, but it is no longer suitable for use.

The basic shape of the building is influenced by the surrounding development, characterized mainly by detached houses with gabled roofs. The design comprises two structures with gable roofs connected by a third structure with a flat roof. Materials used include white render, metal sheeting, and timber cladding. The building is designed to be walk-through, offering safe access from the street to the adjacent park. Additionally, new paths and seating areas will be incorporated in the park for the convenience and enjoyment of residents.

More than half of the first above-ground floor is dedicated to a convenience store. The remaining space on this floor is divided into a post office, a small café, and a gym for the local gymnastic society known as Sokol. A passageway provides access to the municipal office.

On the second floor, the municipal offices are situated, featuring a spacious hall capable of accommodating up to fifty people. This versatile hall can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including conferences, cultural events, lectures, or festive gatherings.

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