phase: implementation year: 2021 photo/visual: Tino Kuskunis

The “KEBIN” project presents a luxurious residential container situated on the banks of Hejlovský pond in the village of Ondřejov. With mobility as a key feature, this container home offers a complete retreat experience within its compact 7 × 2.65 m footprint. Its distinctive dark stained larch panelling and expansive windows ensure it makes a striking statement from the exterior. Equipped with hinged shutters, the KEBIN can be fully enclosed for privacy. Alcoves within the design extend to form a terrace, providing an ideal setting to unwind on summer evenings while enjoying the romantic view of the pond.

The interior is characterized by multiplex birch plywood, creating a captivating contrast with the exterior aesthetic. Two sliding windows seamlessly connect the interior living space with the natural surroundings. At the heart of the interior design is a fireplace, ingeniously designed to be rotatable, serving as a focal point for the space. Adjacent to a panoramic window lies a spacious double bed, offering a picturesque view of the morning sun reflecting off the tranquil surface of the pond, creating a serene wake-up experience. The well-appointed kitchen and bathroom feature ample daylight streaming in from the skylight above the shower. Beyond the pond, a tub on the property invites year-round use. Here, you may enjoy basking in the warmth of a summer evening by the fire or unwinding on the pier overlooking the pond.

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