phase: implementation year: 2018 photo/visual: Daniel Čáha

The studio design aims to provide the client with a comfortable and versatile space suitable for work, hosting visitors, and occasional overnight stays. Therefore, the interior should serve not only as a representative space, but also as a living space: with all the amenities required for comfortable use. Situated within a two-storey space accessible from the courtyard of several classic old Prague buildings, the interior design capitalizes on the existing architectural features, including beautiful brick vaults in steel beams, interestingly conceived beams on the upper floor and many other features, which defined the direction our design would take. The lower floor is dedicated to a representative area, featuring lounge seating for client meetings, a spacious dining table with six chairs, and a discreet kitchenette concealed behind accordion doors. Additionally, this floor houses a bathroom with a shower and toilet. All furniture, both built-in and free-standing, is crafted from walnut wood.

Every project brings us something new. This one marked a significant shift in terms of colour palette. Typically, we adhere to muted or monochromatic tones in our designs. However, given the client’s Greek heritage, we felt inclined to explore a more diverse range of colours. Departing from our usual restrained approach resulted in an outcome that we are genuinely pleased with and we hope you will like it as well.

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