phase: implementation year: 2023 photo/visual: Lukáš Habart / Tino Kuskunis

The implementation of a spacious 307 sqm duplex apartment in the heart of Vinohrady district. The lower floor is dedicated to visitors and children, featuring a well-appointed kitchen with a prominent island, a dining room, and a living room. From the living space, it is possible to access the second floor via a stylish woodwork designed staircase, leading to a space called the cinema room. Beyond the cinema room, the second floor houses a private wing, which includes a study, bedroom, bathroom, bar, and dressing rooms. Being a penthouse, additional windows cannot be added on the street side to enhance natural light. To counter this, the entire interior is designed in light cream tones, with dark wood accents strategically placed for architectural emphasis. Reflecting the district’s character, we felt virtually obliged to use hardwood flooring and coffered tiles on selected walls.

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