phase: implementation year: 2022 photo/visual: photo: Tino Kuskunis, Filip Györe

Design and implementation of the project transforming a single-room unit with a kitchen within a compact 33 sqm space into a two-room unit intended for short-term accommodation. Despite its size, the apartment boasts all necessary amenities, offering the functionality of a full-fledged two-room apartment.

Respecting the ambiance of the old district of Vršovice, the interior design incorporates cream shades and bleached woodwork, with one element of burgundy red in each room. Limewash-painted walls evoke a retro aesthetic, while the bathroom features a concrete trowel finish instead of traditional ceramic tiles. A herringbone-patterned hardwood flooring was an obvious choice. It is complemented by decorative skirting boards, ceiling rosettes, and coffered doors for a refined finishing touch.

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