phase: implementation year: 2022 photo/visual: photo: Filip Györe

A comprehensive renovation that has transformed an old corner apartment in Prague 6. We took a generous approach with significant alterations to the layout. The kitchen has been relocated to the spacious living room, achieved by merging two original rooms, which required substantial structural modifications. The apartment now comprises four rooms and two bathrooms, cleverly concealed behind woodwork elements to maintain a seamless aesthetic. In the bedroom, a built-in wardrobe spans the width of the room, providing access to the bathroom and dressing room. The second bathroom is discreetly positioned behind the wardrobe near the main entrance. The remaining space of the wardrobe accommodates a condensing boiler and technical facilities. Light colours dominate the interior, featuring a blend of white, grey, and oak woodwork. We designed a parquet pattern, which adds character to the wooden flooring, complemented by dark blue lacquered oak veneer accents. Brass fixtures serve as prominent features, reflecting the architectural heritage of the space and the building.

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