phase: implementation year: 2018 photo/visual: Daniel Čáha

Chocolaterie is situated in the rather charming part of Prague 6 – Vokovice. In concept, it is not a standard café, but a chocolate shop. Of course, you will find all the services you expect in a café (excellent coffee, breakfast, and even wine), but these are complemented by chocolate products that are made on site in the preparation room. It was necessary to obtain a new final inspection for the space. The facilities include a preparation area, staff facilities, men’s restroom and women’s/disabled restroom. The architectural design traditionally features a frame motif. It is most prominent in the shop window jambs. Here, the requirement was to create seating above the existing cellar vents. This called for the creation of perimeter frames with bookshelves that conveniently covered everything. The same motif was further repeated on the brick wall in the form of shelving, in the jambs of the doors leading to the facilities and in the frames of the chalk-labelled boards. The main colour combination is white and oak finish complemented by various tones of brown alluding to chocolate. The central counter is made of a high-quality lacquer matte material combined with oiled oak veneer. Also, the Merano chairs and bar stools by Ton are made in the same veneer. Other shades of brown may be found in the light brown walls, comfortable armchairs and tabletops. The floor is made of highly durable vinyl in a subtle light wood finish that lets the oak chairs and other furnishings stand out. The interior is thematically complemented by lights made of cups.

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