phase: study year: 2021 photo/visual: Ing. arch. František Sulzer

Draft of the brewery interior design in collaboration with architect František Sulzer. The brewery has two floors and can accommodate up to 150 guests. The brewery will also include a beer spa with a hotel, so the space will also serve as a breakfast buffet area. The interior has an industrial feel, where raw concrete blends with metal and natural wood. To avoid an overly sterile look, it is complemented by live plants. Upon entering the room, a ceiling structure with hanging flowers and lights catches the eye. The whole space is thematically complemented by bistro tables made up of smaller kegs where you can enjoy a beer “while standing up”. Located opposite the bustling entrance area with bar seating, the other portion of the lower level is dedicated to a quieter seating area with more comfort. The dark trapezoidal sheet metal serving as wall cladding acts as a dominant feature. The upper floor can also function as a lounge for private parties. For this purpose, an additional bar has been built to offer guests complete privacy. Here, a niche made of hollow concrete blocks used as seating acts as the dominant feature.

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