phase: Documentation for building permit (DSP) year: 2019 photo/visual: BekArch s.r.o

The new building is situated on the serene Fastrova street in Prague 6, just above the bustling Bělohorská street, a central thoroughfare in the Břevnov district. Nestled between existing structures, the building plots occupy a vacant site, currently housing a single-storey building designated for permanent residency. The surrounding environment comprises modern terraced houses on one side and a building with a segmented façade from an earlier construction phase on the other. Directly adjacent to the new development is a house dating back to an earlier phase of Fastrova Street’s construction, which has undergone several construction phases. Consequently, the formal design of the new building seeks to harmonize with the varied architectural styles found along the street, drawing inspiration from each. The building is designed to offer long-term housing in the form of terraced houses.

The architectural layout consists of two semi-detached houses, each comprising two above-ground floors, a residential attic, and one underground floor. The design incorporates shared garage for both buildings, optimizing space utilization by limiting the number of entrances, thus enhancing the usability of the plot and individual living areas.

The underground floor accommodates technical rooms, a spa, and the shared parking facility. Access to the main staircase, centrally positioned within the building, is provided through the garage. The primary living spaces, including bedrooms, rooms, and a combined living room with kitchen, are generously allocated within the design. Notably, the living room, situated on the first floor, seamlessly connects with the garden, also located at this level due to the natural terrain slope. This integration creates a harmonious flow between the living room and the garden.

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