phase: implementation year: 2018 photo/visual: Daniel Čáha

The flat was originally in shell and core condition, necessitating a complex building reconstruction that allowed us to define every detail of the interior. Our primary aim was to optimize the limited floor space of the apartment, ensuring maximum efficiency.

We configured the unit as a two-room flat, strategically connecting the space of the original hallway with the living room to expand the lounge area significantly. This resulted in the creation of a prominent counter, crafted to serve as the central focal point of the entire apartment. The counter features a multifunctional kitchen island with a cooking area, complemented by a washing area, utility cabinet housing a boiler, and a built-in fridge—all seamlessly integrated to form a compact yet functional wall unit.

The living room with the pass-through kitchen is preceded by a lobby adorned with an integrated shoe cabinet and a brick-lined wall featuring wooden hangers. Additionally, the apartment comprises a well-appointed bathroom with a shower and a comfortable bedroom. To address the storage constraints in the bedroom, we designed a large wardrobe that doubles as a bed platform, ingeniously positioned within a niche—mirroring the motif used for the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, we fulfilled the secondary requirement of creating a dedicated workspace in the bedroom, strategically positioned beneath the skylights to maximize natural light.

In terms of materials, the interior palette harmoniously combines white and black elements. Lacquered MDF panels adorn the white surfaces, while oak veneer adds warmth and texture to the wooden elements. The dark colour scheme of the bathroom distinguishes it from the rest of the flat, enhancing its ambiance. Despite its compact size and lack of windows, we were not afraid to go for dark shades, leveraging dark Caesar tiles and LED accent strips to create a tranquil wellness retreat within the confines of the bathroom.

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