phase: implementation year: 2018 photo/visual: Daniel Čáha

The recently opened Hongkong Karlín restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine. The space is located on Thámova Street in an already very popular and attractive location of the Karlín district. The space was originally occupied by shops and other services. The resulting restaurant space was obtained by merging several units and mainly thanks to a substantial layout simplification. The restaurant operation is divided into a standard serving area and a preparation area in a ratio of approximately 1:1. For obvious reasons, the main serving area for guests is located by the windows facing Thámova Street and occupies approx. 123 sqm. In addition to the main open dining area, which is framed by the beautiful original load-bearing columns, there is also a lounge.

When designing the interior, we tried to combine the traditional Karlín style and slightly industrial space with Asian elements so that the components work in harmony. The wall with columns is made of Ytong whitewashed hollow blocks, which create a counterpoint to the white wall by the windows. The vaulted ceiling with I steel beams is only scraped and left in its raw form. The landmark rear wall and the lounge wall are clad in dark wood panelling made from old pallets, featuring a crane, which is characteristic of China. The rest of the lounge is again left in its raw brick form and is only plastered. The chairs evoke the desired subtle oriental touch. Lighting, which has been chosen in a rather industrial style, also plays an important role. Another interesting and very significant element is the tile flooring, which alludes to the traditional parquet floors found in the Karlín district, which it faithfully mimics.

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